Hi Diane, Happy New Year to you.  I sent you an email with photos of the children hanging on to their stockings, "Ho Ho Ho" and "Santa Poinsettia Tree".  They LOVE them and so do we, they're fabulous.  Thank you so much for lovely work, we will indeed treasure those stockings for many years to come.  All the very best from New Zealand.

Very best regards, Tine - Auckland, NZ

I just wanted you to know that we got your stocking and how much we love it.  I just can't get over how beautiful and how much detail there is.  Thank you so much for sending Zander  "Candy Express".

Tammy - Hanover, PA


I have received "Sugar Plum Fairy" and she is gorgeous!  Thank you so much Diane.

Sue - Morris, MN


Today was a perfect day and the stocking you made created a precious gift.  I have just finished hanging "Santa and Snowman with Gifts" on the mantle and it stands out among all the rest.  You are so grand to have gotten it to me before Thanksgiving.  I look forward to lots more creative times with you.  May your holiday season be as special to you and all your family as this adorable stocking is in our home.  God Bless you and Thank you so much. 

Cindy - Oklahoma City, Ok

I just received "Snowman and Friends" and it is darling.  Thank you so much!  You do beautiful work! 


Cindy - Galt, CA

I received "Christmas Joy" today and it is gorgeous!  Thank you! 

Molly - Portland, OR


I just got back from a 15 day trip and opened the package that my son had picked up at the post office for me.  "Candy Express" is just unbelievable!  Thank you so much for a job well done.  My grandson, Deacon, is getting ready for his first Christmas and I hope he will treasure the stocking for many years to come.  Thanks again. 

Carol - Winslow, AZ


Hi Diane~~Just received my "Procession" stocking!  It's absolutely breathtaking!!!  I love it and will be so proud to hang it up this Christmas!  Thank you for all of your hard work! 

Carrie - Clovis, NM


Diane, I received "Tree Shopping" and it is absolutely perfect, the beading, the stitching; it's truly a work of art.  I cannot begin to thank you enough.  My niece will be 1 on January 2nd so I know she won't quite understand the meaning of the stocking yet, but I just know she will have nothing but joy from this very special gift as she grows up.  My sister's and I have similar stockings that we just adore and I know Abigail will feel the same way.  Thank you again.

Kirby  Woodbridge, IL

Hi Diane,  I love my "Golf Santa".  It is great! 

Kelli - Henderson, NV


Diane, I received the first stocking today, Saturday, "No Peeking".  You did a wonderful job on it.  My granddaughter will love it.  Thank you so much.  Can't wait to see the others. 

Camellia - Henderson, TX


Diane, The "Sugar Plum Fairy" arrived yesterday and certainly exceeded my expectations.  It is beautiful and makes me want to be a little girl again.  I hand smock clothes for my grandchildren, so I can appreciate the expert stitching.  It is so well done!!!  Thank you for such a beautiful stocking.  I can't wait until Christmas. 

Regards, Tellene - Waynesboro, GA

I received "Santa and Elf" today, and just like the other you have done a wonderful job.  I can't wait to see the "Christmas Feast".  You are wonderful.  I do not know how you do it.  I have made ten of these for my family and it took me months.  Of course, that was one a year for several years, not three or four in months.  That is the reason that I decided I would find someone this time to make the others for me.  You do know know how much I appreciate your hard work.  I know what goes into these.  At least I know how much time it took me.  I can not believe how fast you are.  And the quality is so wonderful.  Thank you so much for your hard work. 

Camellia - Henderson TX

'Hi Diane, I received "Candy Express" .........it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   I am very pleased with it.  It is for one of my daughter's best friends whom we refer to as our third daughter.  It is going to be a surprise baby shower gift for her.  I'm sure she is going to LOVE IT.  Thank you again. 

Leslie - Renton, WA



Got "Ho Ho Ho" today and it is fabulous! 

Joy - Georgetown, TX


Hi Diane, I just received "Christmas Joy" this afternoon.  It is gorgeous! You should be so proud of the work you do.  I know that Kelsey's mommy and (later) Kelsey will just love it.  Thank you so so much! 

Pam - Milton, DE


Hi, one of my fondest memories of childhood is hanging out with my mother when I was  a kid, watching her labor for hours on these handmade stockings that she made for us for Christmas.  They were made with the some type of "kit" that had lots of little felt pieces in it, with all types of yarn, gold thread, sequins and the like.  Even though the items were patterns that had to be cut out, none of the work was done for you, it was all done by hand, and it took a long time to complete each one.  I remember the process very clearly.  It took her what seemed like forever.  These stockings that you make seem so much like those that it is uncanny.  Mine and my sisters's stockings are one of the things that my mother brings out every year at her house that I treasure most.  For my life, my stocking is THE one that I will always remember.  I hope our kids like the "Nutcracker Trio", "Candy Express", and "The Procession" that you made for them.  They are really special!  People don't often take the time to make things like this anymore, it reminds me of a very special time in my life, and I want to thank you for that.  Thanks again!  Merry Christmas.  You are so special in the Lord's Eyes! 

Charles - Keller, TX

Hello Diane,  I received "Santa and Pets" and "Snowman and Lights" and they are beautiful and thank you.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. 

Barbara - Shavano Park, TX



Got my "Snowman and Friends" today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!  Thank you so much.  It is beautiful and you are so talented.  The detail work is wonderful!  Just out of curiosity, how many hours (days) did it take you to complete the stocking?  I will send you Christmas pictures when we hang our stockings and send you a picture of our new baby beside his or her stocking.  Thank you so much! 

Gwynne - Plano, TX

Hello Diane, Dailey's stocking arrived today and all I can say is "WOW"!  It is equally as wonderful as the "Sugar Plum Fairy" and I know she will be thrilled when she sees it.  It is obvious you have been very busy and I am not sure I can wait until Christmas to hang these.  I know my four little grandchildren will be thrilled to come see their stockings at their "Bebe's" house.  These will surely be a special heirloom for them.  By the way, I made your French Toast Breakfast Casserole from the site and it was fabulous.  It will surely be a keeper for our family and thanks for sharing the recipe.  Take care and I will anxiously await the arrival of Mary's stocking. 

Regards, Tellene - Waynesboro, GA

Hi Diane, I received "In The Workshop"  today and I LOVE it.  It is beautiful.  I wish I could have done it myself but it would never have gotten done.  Your work is perfect.  I have one similar to that that my aunt made me when I was a baby.  I am so glad my daughter will be able to have one too.  I will definitely contact you if/when I need another stocking.  Thank you so much.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and the effort you put into this.  We will keep it in our family for generations. 

Marie - Bakersfield, CA

Good Morning Diane,  I received "Sports Santa" and it turned out wonderful.  I showed it to my daughter and she just loved it and said that Wane will love it too.  Thank you so much for making the changes to this stocking as it is truly one of a kind.  When our 2nd grandchild comes along I will be sure to have you make a stocking for him or her.  Thank you so much!  Have a very Merry Christmas too. 

Barbara - Shavano Park, TX

Hello Diane, "Santa's Sweetshop" arrived and it is just breathtaking.  Mary has not seen it yet but I can assure you that she will be overjoyed.  She is such an appreciative five year old and loves anything that someone does for her.  She will probably want to hang it up now.  We may have to have Christmas in September, even it is still 100 degrees.  Each stocking is so special and I can honestly say, I don't have a favorite.  I do think these will all look great together.  Thank you for being so prompt in getting these done and for such wonderful customer service. 

Tellene - Waynesboro, GA

Hi Diane,

 Yep I got them. Didn't see them at the front door.  They are amazingly  beautiful  as always. "Holly Hobbie" has always been so special to me. My stocking is Holly Hobbie for the last 33 years and my daughters first bedding has been Holly Hobby.   I will send you pictures around Xmas time of everyone and their stockings. 

Thanks again  soooooooo much.   

                             Jeannie - Pleasantville NY



We received the "Sports Santa" stocking yesterday. It looks great. If we get any more grandchildren or another daughter in law, we will need another stocking.


Jack - Liberty Township OH



Yes I got the "Among the Animals" stocking & it is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait for the others.

That time line is perfect.


Perry - Houston TX



I received "Down The Chimney" it is as beautiful as I imagined it to be, glad I as able to get one since they are no longer making it. (Too bad).

Thank you,

Janice - Elmhurst IL



Dear Diane;

The "CANDY EXPRESS" stocking came today for Baby Anderson.  I could hardly wait to open the box!  WOW!!  It is absolutely wonderful!  I can't say enough about it!  I am just thrilled!  What a truely talented and gifted lady you are.  Again, I am so grateful that I found your web-site....I have "book-marked" it and return to it often to see what wonderful new creations you have come up with!  I am just so happy to be able to give such a lasting and special gift to our new baby grand-children.  (Amelie's "SANTA BEAR" looks equally amazing next to Anderson's "CANDY EXPRESS")  Now, we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little twins!!  I hope to send you a picture when I can...       Thanks so much again, for your very important part of this amazing time in our lives!     

Linda - Naperville IL



We just received the wonderful "SANTA BEAR" stocking for my new baby Granddaughter "Amelie".  I am just delighted with it!  You are so talented, and I am so thankful that I found your  web-site.  The hard work and detail which you put into your stockings is just amazing!!  It is so much more than I was expecting!  Just Beautiful!!  We are now anxiously awaiting the "CANDY EXPRESS" stocking for little baby "Anderson".....I can hardly wait!!   Thanks again for helping me make the twins 1st Christmas so special and memorable.  This will be a family heirloom to be passed down!

Linda  - Naperville, IL                                                                                                  

P.S.  Thanks for that special  "From Grammie" tag on the back...I love it!!!


Yes, thank you I did receive the "Black Bear Bonfire" stocking and it is beautiful. It is finally warm and summerlike here and yet I can't wait until Christmas so that I can hang
it for the first time!

Thank you so very much,

Darrah - Bakersville, NC


We got home last night and had your beautiful "Polar Bear Family" stocking waiting for
us. It is perfect and I absolutely love it. Thanks again and I can't wait to see the next one. I'm starting to wish we had a much bigger family so that I could see them all in real life!

Darrah - Bakersville, NC


Hello Diane, we received Owen's "Pop Up Santa" stocking and it is FANTASTIC!  You are amazing!!  And more importantly, you have such a kind heart!  We not only appreciate the work you do on the stockings but the communication and the note you send with the completed stocking; that is more than thoughtful.  We are keeping your note in Owen's stocking so when he is old enough to read and understand, he will know you and the care you put into creating his piece of art.   When do you stop making stockings for the current year?  I am thinking about buying more.  Thanks again, you are very special to us....

Sam - Austin, TX


I received "Caroling Snowman" today and it is even cuter than I had hoped it
would be. Thank you so much, you are very talented and we will love your stocking for years to come.

All the best,

Update...When I finally got around to putting Celia's stocking away until Christmas and opened our Christmas box, my husband and my stockings seemed so bland so I'm ordering two for us.

Darrah - Bakersville, NC

Hi Diane,

All the stockings are lovely!  The "White Christmas" is truly lovely...one to be used for years, as are all of your stockings. "The Procession" is wonderful!  I am surprised more people haven't ordered it.  It would make a lovely gift!  I do think it is very special.  I love it and know to which child I will hand it down. I will think of you every Dec. when I unwrap all your lovely stockings!!

Thanks so much,

Sally - Imperial Beach, CA


Hi Diane, loved loved the "Gingerbread House" stocking.  I can't thank you enough.  I never realized how much work goes into making a stocking.  I truly hope to be calling on you for next year.  Maybe I will order early and just hold off on a name.  Is that ok?  Thanks again so much. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Jeannie - Pleasantville, NY 

The final two stockings, "Golf Snowman" and "Snowman and Broom" were received over the holidays! What a wonderful treat! Thanks again all your hard work and willingness to help.


Paula - San Jose, CA


Hi Diane,

I got my last stocking from you yesterday!  I love them!  I can't wait to hang them  ("Cowboy Santa," "Black Bear Bonfire," "O Holy Night, " "Christmas Feast," and "Christmas Joy") on the mantle.  You have been an absolute joy to work with and it does mean something to me to know (or feel like I know!) the person who is crafting them with TLC.  I hope I haven't pushed you beyond your comfort zone with my larger order.  You are so nice to accept it - I have a feeling you are one of those people who find it hard to say no! 

Take care.

Paula - Denver, CO 


Hi Diane,

What a lovely surprise in the mail!  The stocking, "Christmas Joy," is beautiful!  Your workmanship is superb.  The care with which you have made it is very evident.  Thank you for getting this out so early to me.  I'm really anxious to see the others. And pleased that I had the good judgment to place my orders with you !!  Good luck with your sewing! I hope you are enjoying making them as much as it seems you do from the quality of your work.

 Take care. 

Paula - Denver, CO 

I received the beautiful stocking, "Santa Bear," yesterday afternoon.  Thank you so much for all of the care that you put into creating it and for including the special note with it.  I will be sure to think of you in the future for other children we may have and will tell my friends about your website as well. 

All My Best,

Lindsay - Jamaica Plain, MA

Thanks for the stockings Diane. "Santa Paws" and "Snowman and Teddy" look great!  "Sledding Friends" is really precious and I know baby Jaak will love it!  I think my favorite is "Moonlight Santa" and my 2 1/2 year old loves it!  Thanks for all your beautiful work. 

Julie - Iowa City, IA



I received "Down the Chimney" yesterday, I believe, and it is absolutely WONDERFUL! So excited to get Dave's....they're going to look beautiful! Happy happy joy joy!!     

Paula - San Jose CA


I finally saw the stockings, "Caroling Snowman", "Toboggan Trio" and "Snowman and Friends." They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your loving care in making them. When the time comes, we will take a group picture with our stockings and send it to you. We absolutely love them!

Janalyn - Boerne, TX


Hi Diane , I just received Reese's "Moonlight Santa" stocking.  It is just as beautiful as the "Sugar Plum Fairy"!  We are so pleased with them!  They will be so special for us throughout the years!  I can't wait to hang them up at Christmas.  I will definitely be ordering, probably after the first of the year, for my husband and I.  Thank you, again, for all of your hard work and for making our Christmas so special. 

Carrie - Pikeville, NC

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  "Sugar Plum Fairy" is absolutely gorgeous and Molly loves it!  It will be such a special keepsake for her over the years!  I've never seen such beautiful needle work!  The detail is unbelievable!  Can't wait to get Reese's "Moonlight Santa."  Thank you for all of your hard work! 

Carrie - Pikeville, NC

Hello Diane!

We received Ray's "Checking His List" stocking today and we LOVE it!!! Now we just need Ray! =) Thank you again for creating such an amazing stocking. It will look perfect next to Katy's "Sugar Plum Fairy" stocking! We'll let you know when we have baby news!

Merry Christmas!

Amy & Randy - Herndon, VA

We indeed received and grandpa (my husband) liked "Sports Santa" for Cole so much, he wanted stockings for all of our little ones. So, I recently placed an order for 3 more....

Your work is beautiful and we are so very appreciative.


Karen (nana) - Flower Mound, TX

Jacob's " Toy Soldier" stocking is here safe and sound. We love it. Jacob is our only grandchild and will be spending Christmas with us for the first time. I just sent a photo of the stocking to Jacob and his Mom (our eldest daughter) and they are both thrilled. I made similar stockings for our three children when they were born, so this one is going to look great hanging with theirs on the mantle. Thanks for your caring and wonderful job.

Jeannie - Hilton Head Island, SC

Hi Diane,

I received "Snowman and Teddy" yesterday and it is adorable. It matches Kristina's personality perfectly. So far as I know, we won't have any more weddings this year, but when our daughter gets married I'll be looking for another stocking.

Thanks so much,

Linda - Germantown, TN

Hi Diane,

"O Holy Night" arrived today and it is beautiful. The pictures on the web site do not even begin to show what a beautiful stocking this is. Shannon will be thrilled.

Thanks so much,

Linda - Germantown, TN

Hello Diane,

We did receive "Sugar Plum Fairy" and WE LOVED IT!  It was beautiful and the talk of everyone on Mother's Day.  Adalyn is my first grand child and we are anticipating many, many more.  So be ready.  We will be ordering other stockings sometime in the near future.  You did such a fantastic job; it is hard for one to imagine the work you put into a stocking until you actually hold one in your hand. Thank you again for all your efforts.  YOU ARE A TREASURE!

Thanks again!

Merry Christmas to you also!

Sam - Austin, TX

I have received "Toy Soldier", "Baby Bear's Christmas" "Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Sledding Friends".  They are gorgeous!   I am amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship.  You are amazing! Thank you!

Tiada - Albuquerque, NM



Drew's stocking arrived yesterday. Thank you so much, it is beautiful.
Best Regards,
 Tia - East Brunswick, NJ


Dear Diane,

Jackson's stocking "Sledding Friends" arrived today and it is beautiful. My
mother made my husband, our children and me sequined stockings through the years. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago long before Jackson, our grandson, was born. I attempted to make Jackson a sequined stocking this summer, but I didn't get very far with it. Next Christmas, he will have his beautiful stocking to match the rest of the family. You have been a pleasure to deal with and the stocking is more beautiful than I had imagined.

Thanks so much,

Linda - Germantown, TN

I have received my "Sugar Plum Fairy" stocking.  I can’t praise you enough for all the work you’ve put into this.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who will listen. J

These stockings really do bless our lives from generation to generation.  Again, thank you for the beautiful stocking.

Karren - St. George, UT

Oh Diane,

My Angel stocking "Watching Over Me" is beautiful. When I opened my stocking it brought tears to my eyes.  I love my stockings so much and this brings back such warm memories of my dear grandmother. She worked for hours on every detail. I appreciate all your hard work so much.  I am so addicted to these its unbelievable. I wish I could order one of each kind. J

I will be happy to tell everyone about you who might be interested.

Thank you so much.  I can’t wait to see the Sugar Plum Fairy…

Have a good night.

Karren - St. George, UT

WOW!!!  Diane, we just got to South FL yesterday afternoon and immediately opened the package!  I'm amazed by the detail of Katy's "Sugar Plum Fairy" stocking!  It's just incredible!  We couldn't be happier with it!  We also received the Christmas card from you!  Thank you so much for working so hard on her stocking and for thinking of us and sending us a card!  That was very thoughtful of you!  We'll be sending you a picture of Katy with her beautiful stocking soon! 
Thank you again and Merry Christmas,

Amy - Tamarac, FL

We opened the stockings "Black Bear Bonfire" and "Santa Chef" on Friday - They were absolutely lovely and well worth it!  Thanks for everything .


Alan - Essex, England




Hello....We cannot thank you enough for your hard work with Collins "North Pole" stocking. We received it today and just love it. Have a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you!

Thaera - Manteca, CA


Dear Diane,

Thank you for the beautiful "Snowman and Teddy" stocking for Jessica. It truly is a work of art. I know how many hours you have put into that sock after just finishing one for my Granddaughter.  Thank you so much.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas Holiday.
Mary - Cave Creek, AZ

Hi Dia

 Oh my gosh, "Christmas Feast" is so beautiful!!!!!!!!  My girls are so excited, they think they are so beautiful, too.  I did take the picture, now I have to try and download it (I am not good at that stuff!)  I will send it to you, in the next few days!!!
Thanks for such beautiful and heartfelt work you do.
Allison - Ashburn, VA

Hi Diane,

Yes I got it, "Letters to Santa", and I love it!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, and it came wrapped so nicely with such a nice note from you! I showed it to my husband and told him how
you make these from your heart, they are so special. I am waiting to get Caitlin's before I show them both to the girls. I will take their pictures with the stockings and send it to you then!!.

Thanks again,

Allison - Ashburn, VA


on's "Sequined Santa" stocking arrived this pm......it is soooo nice. Thanks a ton for the quick work.

Have a wonderful holiday season...I'll be thinking of
you. Thanks again.

Sally - Neenah, WI


Dear Ms. Snuffer:

Yes, I did receive the beautiful "Sugar Plum Fairy" stocking.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I can't wait to see it with all my other stockings hanging on our mantel this Christmas.  It is absolutely perfect.

Thanks again.

 Marla - Jetmore, KS


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! We came home late last night from a friends and the stocking was at the door. Malia absolutely loves it!!!!!! She wanted to know how long until Christmas-- You can bet that the first Christmas decorations we put up will be the stockings on the mantel-- THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

I love all of them so much- but it makes me even more excited and happy to see how much the girls LOVED theirs. The quality and craftsmanship and LOVE that goes into each stocking is so easy to see, starting the moment you open the package and see how beautifully it is wrapped. It makes it so special to know that these are not mass
produced, thrown together stockings but TRUE HEIRLOOMS that will be past down from generation to generation to be loved and cherished by all. Special also because of all the memories we will share together every year during the holidays!

Thank you so much again- I could not be happier or more pleased with our BEAUTIFUL stockings that you made for our whole family! The Christmas ornament was especially appreciated and such a thoughtful touch. I can not wait to hang it on our Christmas tree. Every year on our vacation we pick a special ornament to put on the tree to remind us of the wonderful memories we made and it warms my heart to know that every year when I put yours on the tree it will remind me of the year that I met you and you made our beautiful family stockings for us!

Thanks you so much again-- You are an angel and a very talented one at that!
Feel free to post this letter on your website (or parts of it at least:)

Sherri - Buford, GA



I just wanted to let you know that we got the stocking "Christmas Carousel" yesterday and thank you also for the ornament that you included!  That was so sweet of you, thank you for your thoughtfulness!  Madeline's stocking is so beautiful.  The tag with her name is perfect! It looks like you made it to fit!  I don't know if I told you this but Madeline is a tiny baby and she almost fits inside of the stocking!  We're going to take a picture if we can get her in it without her crying and I'll be sure to pass it on to you (if it works out!)  Thanks again for your part in making my family's Christmas this much more special this year (and the future!)

C. S. - Seaside, CA


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!! ("Fun in the Snow")   I'm tempted to rearrange the letters in the name and claim it for myself.  Even my husband said a couple of times how pretty it is.

I showed it to everyone who couldn't run faster than I can and I passed out a couple of cards so folks could checkout your web site.

The new sequins really make it.  I'm glad I went with the sequins for the name.  I love the red.  (I also love the white snow.  But the gold on the green scarf is perfect too....and ......)  I still have it here at work and I take a peek at it every now and then.  I hate to give it up.

Can you tell I kinda like it?

Thanks a bunch for being so speedy. I didn't expect it but I will accept it.

I most definitely will keep you in mind for future great nieces and nephews.    Three is all for the one niece.  But I would imagine it won't be long before we have some from the other niece. 

Have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Keep on sewing.

Carmen - Owings, MD 

I recei
ved the 2nd stocking, "Santa's Deer", and I like it even better than the 1st one !

Thank You,

Nancy - Dallas, Pa 


Yes, I received the stocking, "Checking His List", yesterday, and it is very nice.  I'm looking forward to the second one.

Thank You,

Nancy - Dallas, PA 

Dear Diane,

I was thrilled when I opened the "Snowman and Friends" stocking. The snowman projects such happiness with his big smile. The flying bird, rabbit and beautifully blanketed fawn jumps out of the stocking and grabs your heart with delight. The hologram sequins sparkle and shimmer making this an incredible and beautiful stocking. Thank you for such an amazing stocking.

Donna - Kimberly, AL

Hi Diane,

I love Jason's stocking. "North Pole" is beautiful and has such amazing detail work. I do appreciate the time you put into making it.  It's truly a work of art that will provide many years of enjoyment.

Donna - Kimberly, AL

Hi Diane,

I just received the stocking "Santa and Snowman" and it is absolutely darling.  You did such a wonderful job on it.  I can't wait until Christmas to give it to her.  Thank you again.

Linda - Penngrove, CA

I was so giddy when I opened the box.  And I literally lost my breath when I saw the stocking for the first time.  That absolutely has to be hands down the most incredible stocking you create.  I don't even have words to describe the beauty of "Sugar Plum Fairy."  You have truly out done yourself and I thank you on behalf of my family.  I will once again save the letter you included so Ava can have when she's older.  Oh also when Ava saw it she asked if it was for her.  She was too scared to even touch it.  She said she should only touch it with clean hands!  She was been looking at while I write you and shouting out the different candies she can see on it.  Thank you so much!  I can't wait to see the other 3 that I've ordered because you just seem to outdo yourself every time!
Casey - Seaside, CA

Yes, we did receive Coopers stocking, "Snowman and Friends", and it is absolutely beautiful!  Such amazing work, you are very talented!

Thank you again, it has been a pleasure and I wish you much success.  I will definitely call you again for future stockings, and recommend you to all of my friends.....

Amanda - Park City, UT



Dear Diane:

We got the "Sugar Plum Fairy" stocking, yesterday! It is GORGEOUS!!!!! It was so well worth the wait. I can't wait to see it hanging in our new house, on the mantle, this Christmas. I'll have to send you a picture. Elizabeth squealed in delight (she is only 10 months old) when I had it in my hand and she wouldn't let go of it all day, yesterday. I'll have to send you some photos. It wasn't until she fell asleep last night that I was able to pry it out of her hands!

I am so glad and blessed that I found your website. Your work is exquisite. I think that we all need new stockings, now! :-) Thank you, Diane.


Marissa - Katy, TX

I got the stocking today "Teddy bears" and I'm just speechless.  It is gorgeous!  I also really enjoyed the personalized letter you added with it.  I plan on keep the letter and the stocking so my son can see it when he gets older.  My husband also loved the stocking and he wants me to order stockings for him and me so look for those orders by this weekend!  Also I haven't forgotten to order a stocking the mystery baby #3, I just can't seem to pick out a stocking without knowing the sex, but I'll know the sex in early March, so I hope that will be ok with you.  Anyways, thank you for the beautiful stocking.

Casey - Seaside, CA

Oh my gosh!!!  We received the stocking "North pole" for June and it is absolutely amazing!!  You did a wonderful job, thank you soooo much!  Can't believe the quality, and you finished it so quickly!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Amanda - Park City, UT 


All we can say is WOW! We hung up all five stockings tonight because the kids just couldn't wait to see how it would look and it really is stunning! Thank you so much for making such great stockings that will be a part of Christmas for many many years to come!  All the best,

Nancy - Stow, MA



My husband picked up the stocking "Christmas feast" from the post office yesterday and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much - I would recommend your work to anyone!

Shanna - St. Francisville, LA


Mrs. Snuffer
Sorry, I have been out of the country for the past week. I did receive the stocking "Snowman Santa". Again, it is wonderful and I truly appreciated
you sending it to me so quickly. I will be sure to let you know how my mother likes them, when I give them to her. I'm sure she
will be ecstatic. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks Again
JB - Liberty Township, OH

Mrs. Snuffer
I just want to let you know that I received the stocking today. Wow, I love it!!!! You did an excellent job and are so talented at what you do. My mom already has "5" stocking's and with two new additions to the family these stocking will fit in beautifully. I am really looking forward
to receiving the second stocking and with Christmas just around the corner I don't know if I will be able to wait until Christmas to give these to her. I would love for her to enjoy them all through the holiday season. Thank You again. I will definitely pass your name on.

JB - Liberty Township, OH


Dear Diane,  the stocking "Snowman and Friends" came this afternoon.  It is so beautiful. I love it  and my kids loved it.  I hope to have many more grandkids for you to make stockings for,  thank you so much. Hope to talk to you soon.  Your work is amazing .    

Jeannie - Pleasantville, NY


Diane, I got the  2nd stocking and it is beautiful.  I think its my favorite out of all of our families. You do beautiful work and I am very lucky to have found you.  Thank you again for all of your hard work. If I need anymore stockings, I will certainly be using you. It has been a pleasure.

 Jennifer - Huntley, IL

Diane!!! Thank you so much for the stocking!! I love it!!! My son is taking it to bed with him, he loves it so much!!!!  I can’t wait to see the other one. You do great work!! Thank you very much!!

Jennifer - Huntley, IL




We received the stocking "Delivering the Mail" for Savannah yesterday of the snowman and friends. It's beautiful. She arrives in October and now will have her stocking ready to go. Thanks for getting it done so quickly.

Thanks so much,
Stephen - Lees Summit, MO


Mrs. Snuffer,

I received my "North Pole" stocking today, it is so beautiful.  I ordered this one for my 11-week-old daughter, something she will have to hang up on the mantle every Christmas and that she can take with her when she is grown with a family of her own.  Today after receiving it my 13-year-old daughter has to have one, so I am placing an order for a second stocking.  Thank you so much for something that will be in our family for many years to come.


Kim - Richmond Hills, GA


"My daughter and I each received a stocking just before Christmas. I was absolutely amazed at the unique design and beauty of these stockings. The way they sparkle and shimmer with the Christmas lights can set the Christmas spirit in any living room. There is so much love and dedication put into each stocking. My daughter, only four years old loves her stocking. When she saw it for the first time her face lit up with joy and excitement. She loved hanging it on the mantle and admiring it everyday. She also asked as we were taking the Christmas decorations down if she could leave it in her room all year."

The stockings are absolutely beautiful and you will not be disappointed.  They are truly one of a kind."

Melissa & Haley - Birmingham, AL


Dear Ms. Snuffer,

I recently received one of your stockings "Snowman Hug" as a gift.

To say I fell in love is putting it mildly. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have

Looking at the pictures on-line I'd have never guessed how exquisite the stockings really are. The detail is unbelievable from the three dimensional figures to the flying scarves with fringe on the ends. Each sequin is even individually sewn on.

All I can say is ------------Thank you! Thank you!

I know my stockings will add to the magic of an already magical season for many years to come.

Carmen - Owings, MD


"Dear Mrs. Stocking Snuffer,


Thank you for the 2nd beautiful Christmas stocking. I know I was being a little selfish in asking for a second one, but I just had a feeling that you would give me a little ‘special favoritism’. The stockings are absolutely beautiful, very shimmering and the themes evoke warm memories of many a Christmas past. I also know the labor of love and quality that goes into each of your stockings…. because I am by your side everyday.


Affectionately and always yours,

Mr. Stocking Snuffer (a.k.a. Hubby)"

"I give these stockings a GOLD STAR. I have four of them, three I have had for ten years and they are just as beautiful and in excellent condition. They are a Christmas decoration all by themselves, and every year at Christmas they bring joy and beauty to our home.  Thanks."

Linda - Pahrump, NV

"These beautiful 'Christmas Stockings' are the most unique one of a kind, and magnificently detailed with a special personal touch that makes them a joyful gift during the holiday season. 

My wife and I absolutely loved our stockings engraved with our names with beautiful imagery that makes the heart beat with excitement. It is not only a one time gift, they can be used for years to come and they will never lose their radiant personality.

I can't say enough about these special stocking gifts, and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to put a smile on the face of a loved one.

Get em' for your spouse, your kids or even the family pet, you won't be sorry."

John & Vicki - Leeds, UT

"I have two Christmas stockings made by Diane, they hang on my mantle over my fire place. At night I just have my Christmas tree lights on, the sequins on the stockings just shine and shimmer. The stockings are so beautiful that I could almost do that every night. I am totally impressed with the love and care that was put into both stockings. The craftsmanship and the details are just impeccable. These stockings are a timeless treasure that will be enjoyed year after year. If I had my way they would stay up all year long."

Dotty - Laurel, MD

"I received one of these Christmas stockings "Golfing Santa" as a gift several years ago.  Every year as I hang it on the mantle I take some time to just look over all of the detail and craftsmanship that went into its' creation.  It is, and always will be, a centerpiece in my Christmas decorations.  Even though people have seen the stocking before, they always comment about how beautiful it is - even in a sea of other "newer" decorations..."

Brent - Birmingham, AL

"Years ago Diane made me a beautiful  Christmas stocking that I have always cherished.  This year I will celebrate my first Christmas in my own place, and it will be a reminder of past Christmases and of the family and friends I spent them with.  These stockings are more than a decoration, they are symbol of what Christmas really means to so many of us." 

Laura - Beltsville, MD

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